Saturday, August 6, 2011

Get "moving"

Good morning challengers!

I hope everyone had an amazing week and that this weekend holds amazing adventures for you all! The title is extremely important in my life as I am moving into a new residence. It has been a crazy week filled with joy, challenges, new people and learning experiences. I have learned a lot about myself and what I have held onto over the years. During the move I have come across old memories in the form of books, pictures, writings and journals. Where does the time go?

This brings me to the title. Sometimes in our lives we have to get "moving". When we are in the same spot for too long or practice the same routine over and over again we get comfortable. I love being comfortable, who doesn't? The message behind get "moving" is to get out there and move. I am not suggesting "moving" into a new place but doing something that "moves" you. It can be at work, a relationship, a new workout or a new adventure the Superhero Scramble that was brought to us by an amazing team of "movers" and shakers.

Go out, get moving this weekend and share it with the world.

Enjoy the weekend!

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