Friday, June 17, 2011

South Florida is Heating Up

Dear Challengers,

Good afternoon and welcome to the beginning of the weekend! I have been excited about this post because I have felt the summer heat and wanted to share about staying active. As the summer is in full swing and the drive to workout can sometimes fade may I remind you that we worked out all winter and spring for our goals and for some a great bathing suit body. In order to maintain our healthy goals it is important to continue to work hard.

If you enjoy staying fit outside, the best time to get going is early morning when the sun is just beginning to rise. It is still warm but not as brutal so you can get out for an awesome run, jog and any other type of fitness related activity. Hydration is essential especially when you're engaging in outside activities at any time of the summer day so please drink up. If you decide to test the sun, please make sure that you are properly covered in sunblock with appropriate SPF, eye protection and a hat if necessary.

Some great activities that you can do in the early morning include a brief run or jog (18-25mins) around your neighborhood to get warmed up followed by:

(2 sets of 10 each)
LEGS-Walking lunges, squat jumps, side-to-side shuffles
CHEST-Pushups (regular/knees)
CORE- Mountain climbers, bicylce abdominal crunch, supermans, plank(hold for 30secs)

I look forward to hearing about everyone succeeding in their goals and maintaining an active lifestyle even during the summer heat! Please check out our facebook page for more success stories, healthy recipes and personal workouts.

Forever yours in health,

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